How To Make £100 In The Next Month

There could be all kinds of reasons why you might need an additional £100, whether you’re struggling to pay the the bills or you’ve got a build up of birthdays or maybe you just want to treat yourself. Here’s exactly how I would make £100 in the next month…

Sign Up With Prolific

Prolific is a survey site that has a high volume of paid surveys. The only thing you need to do before they start paying you is fill out your profile. This does take maybe 30 mins or so but once it’s done, it’s done.

The surveys tend to be anywhere from £0.15 to £3. Each survey will give you an equivalent pounds per hour value which helps when selecting which surveys to take. I don’t take any under £6/hour. I’d recommend aiming to fill out 3-5 surveys a day.

Surveys tend to be more available between 9am and 5pm so if you have a job where you can leave Prolific open and take the surveys as they come, you’ll do a lot better.

Filling out 3-5 surveys a day in the week you should easily be able to net around £60 – £80 over the course of a month without it feeling too arduous.

Return £65 (give or take)

Join Coinbase

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency platform in the world. Right now, there are a lot of offers floating around as each platform tries to make them your platform of choice.

If you sign up to Coinbase you’ll be given the opportunity to earn money in lesser known cryptocurrencies by answering some very simple questions. All you have to do is watch some short videos and answer multiple choice questions. They’re very easy and if you’re feeling lazy the answers are easy to find online.

The great thing about the Coinbase earn scheme is that you can transfer the money out as soon as you’ve received it. It also arrives in your account pretty quickly too.

Doing this should net you around £30 in a very short space of time.

Return £30

Install Snoop

Snoop is an app which monitors your bank activity and makes suggestions as to where you could save money or take advantage of personalised offers.

Right now Snoop are offering a £5 Amazon voucher just to install their app and connect it to a bank account. You will need to leave the app on and connected to your bank account for 5 days but it’s actually a pretty smart little app.

I’ve found it to be pretty good since installing it and will likely leave it on and see how it does for me over a few months.

Return £5 (Amazon Voucher)

Total combined return across all three offers = £100

So there you have it, three relatively easy ways to grab yourself £100 in a short space of time. Now go and get that money!