Grab An Easy £5 Amazon Voucher With Snoop

Snoop is a free app that connects to your bank and monitors your spending.

It then makes suggestions on how you can save money and also make your savings work a little bit harder.

Right now, Snoop are offering a £5 Amazon voucher to anyone that installs the app, connects it to a bank account and keeps it connected for 14 days.

This is one of the easiest offers to pick up right now, and yes it’s only £5 but it’s so quick to do.

It takes about 5 minutes to set this up and the app is pretty decent.

I installed it a few weeks back, I’ve since received my voucher and I’ve left it installed.

How To Get Your £5 Amazon Voucher

  1. Use a referral link to install Snoop on your phone (Android or iOS)
  2. Connect your bank account
  3. Wait 14 days and your voucher will be emailed to you

While I haven’t taken up any of the suggested offers that Snoop has suggested to me, it’s a good way to check when your bills are coming out and when it’s time to look for new deals on things like car insurance, broadband and more.

Once you’ve signed up and got the app you can then make up to 5 referrals yourself, each one giving you an additional £5 Amazon voucher.

If you manage to get 5 referrals you’ll then get a bonus £25 voucher for your efforts.

This would take your total return to £55.

Not bad at all.

Install Snoop and get your £5 Amazon voucher