Get Up To £400 From Mystery Shares

Recently I’ve found a couple of deals with app based investment platforms that have the ability to get you up to £400 with very little investment and minimum effort from you.

Let’s find out what you need to do…

Free Mystery Share Worth Between £3 and £200 With Freetrade

Freetrade is one of the best app-based trading platforms out there. When you sign up via a referral link and invest just £1 of your own money you will be placed in a queue for a free mystery share.

The value of the share will fall between £3 and £200 and once you’re in the queue it takes around 7 days to reveal which share you have been given.

I did this offer around a month back and I got one of the lower priced shares, I picked up a share in Dr Martens which at the time was worth around £4.80. Not fantastic, but essentially free money.

I sold my share in Dr Martens shortly after and used the proceed to buy a stake in Royal Mail.

Free Mystery Share Worth Between £3 and £200 With Orca

Orca is another trading app based in the UK. They have a very similar offer to Freetrade in terms of what you get, although it is slightly more complex to get your share.

To pick up this offer you need to sign up via a referral link and trade three different assets (basically buy 3 shares).

After signing up I deposited £6 and bought shares in Tullow Oil, Lloyds Banking Group and Cineworld (these were 3 of the cheapest shares I could find).

It does cost £1 to place a trade with Orca, so of my £6 I was spending £3 just to get involved.

Orca’s mystery share comes through a lot faster than that of Freetrade. Literally minutes after buying my shares I got a notification that my share had arrived.

I was over the moon that my free share was in Flutter Entertainment and was worth £139. I had to triple check it just to believe it.

After I told a few friends about this, I picked up another couple of free shares, this time in Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust worth £12.50 and Avast worth £4.

EDIT: I’ve since made a number of referrals to Orca and now have shares in:

  • Flutter Entertainment
  • Avast x 3
  • 3i x 2
  • Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust x 2
  • Boohoo x 2
  • St James Place

Final Thoughts

Let’s be fair, the chances of getting £400 from this one are pretty slim. You’d have to be very lucky indeed. That said, I did pretty well out of it.

Between the two offers I invested £7 of my own money and gained £156.30 (not including the additional referrals). By the time fees are applied that is roughly £150 for free.

Both these apps allow you to make referrals and gain additional free shares so your chances don’t stop once you’ve signed up.

Of the two platforms, should you wish to continue investing beyond taking these offers I would say that Freetrade is the better platform as you’ll pay less in fees which is important when it comes to investing.

Best of luck with your mystery shares!