Get £15 For Free With Investing App Tickr

Tickr is an investing app with a difference, it focuses on investments that are making a positive impact in the world. It’s ethical investing at its finest.

Right now if you open an account with Tickr and add £5 in, they’ll add £15 as a bonus. This is a fantastic offer that is easy to get involved in. They’ll also plant a tree in their forest in Indonesia for you.

What’s The Catch?

While there’s technically no catch, you do need to be aware of Tickr’s fees. After signing up you’ll be given a 30 free trial, after which you’ll then pay a fee of £1/month.

The terms of this offer state that you need to keep the money in your Tickr account for 90 days so it will cost you £2 in fees in total and your return will be £13.

If you find that you like what Tickr have to offer and want to keep using it then go for it, but if like me, you’re unlikely to continue using it then I would suggest closing your account as soon as you’ve passed the 90 day period.

£1 a month is way too much in fees unless you’ve got at least £1,500 in your Tickr account. In fact, I’d suggest that the fees on smaller portfolios are extortionate in comparison to other similar services out there.

It’s a real shame that Tickr have set their pricing so high. I’d be willing to pay a little more than normal for a positive change investment app/service, but not to this level.

How Good Is The Tickr App?

The app is ok, it works well enough without being brilliant. Apps in the investing space tend to be pretty slick and Tickr is close but just doesn’t quite meet the same standards.

That said, it does what it needs to and everything is easy enough to find.   

Make More Money From Referrals

It’s possible to make some additional money from Tickr by referring other users to it. For each person you refer to Tickr, they’ll add a further £15 to your account and plant another tree.

All in all, a nice little offer that is really quick to take advantage of but unless you’re willing to continue using Tickr and upping the amount you contribute I wouldn’t stay beyond the terms of the offer.

Join Tickr and get a £15 bonus