Why I Don’t Do Matched Betting

Matched betting is a gambling technique that uses free bet offers to play bookies off against exchanges in order to suck profit out of the free bet.

It is a very effective way to make free money. It’s been proven by many people and it can be incredibly lucrative but I don’t do it and here’s why…

I Did It In The Past

I found matched betting a few years back and I had a good little run with it, I think I made around £1,000 in a relatively short space of time although I cannot remember exactly how much any more.

I’m not really into gambling, it sort of goes against my whole attitude to money which is why I’m a good fit for matched betting.

I’m highly unlikely to get drawn in and start placing bets for real (which is exactly what the bookies want to happen when they give you a free bet).

After a good start I found that I’d taken advantage of all the best introductory offers and it was harder work to make decent money from the ongoing offers.

I’d also had blockers put on my accounts with a number of smaller bookies. This is pretty normal, it’s not difficult for them to spot those that are matched betting, but this was another reason that was making it more difficult.

It’s High Risk

If you do matched betting right, it’s impossible to lose money. Everything is calculated and you will always know exactly how much you will walk away with from any offer. If you make a small mistake, you can lose money.

I’ve read reports of people forgetting to put a particular bet on and that lost them a good few weeks of matched betting profit. All from a tiny mistake. I made a few small mistakes myself when I was doing it. In theory this shouldn’t have been possible but I’m a human, and we make mistakes sometimes.

Although I mentioned above I’m highly unlikely to ever get drawn into gambling (I really hate losing money), for some people it’s just too tempting. This means I’d really only recommend it for those that are stone cold when it comes to money.

Only The Bookies Win

Ok, you can take money from the bookies with matched betting and if you do it right, it’s essentially guaranteed.

Matched betting isn’t some secret that the bookies don’t know about though. They’re well aware that people are taking advantage of their offers, what they also know is that those walking away with the money are only taking it from people that have lost bets elsewhere.

The bookies make so much money from people they can afford to be exploited. They new signups they get from free bet offers are worth far more than they lose to those via matched betting.

How do I know this? The offers wouldn’t exist if this weren’t the case. They’re not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

They say never say never and I wouldn’t completely rule out a return to matched betting.

At the moment though, because I’ve already used all the sign up offers, it’s too much work for the profits and I’m pretty happy with what I’m making from other offers, take a look at my earnings reports for more detail.