June 2021 Easy Income Report

After a fantastic month’s earnings in May in which I earned over £500 with very little effort I was a little concerned that things would get a bit tougher in June. For the early part that did prove to be true but I’ve managed to do better towards the end of the month.

Total additional income £721.49


  • £235 – Freedom24
  • £205.10 – Orca
  • £75 – InvestEngine
  • £55 – Snoop
  • £35 – User Testing
  • £27 – Prolific
  • £25.50 – Numbrs
  • £20.99 – Cake
  • £20 – Mode
  • £14 – Userlytics
  • £5 – Echo
  • £4 – Coinbase


I spotted an offer from a site called Freedom24 which I’d never heard of. Very similar to the current offers from FreeTrade and Orca in that Freedom24 were offering a free mystery share just for joining up.

I signed up and picked up a share in Goldman Sachs which was valued at $357. I didn’t hold out much hope that this was a legitimate offer but I actually managed to sell and withdraw. This ended up coming in to my bank account as £235. A lot of luck involved in this one no doubt.

You can sign up with Freedom24 and get a free share here.

Total earned £235


Using a referral link I joined the share trading platform Orca. I had to place 3 trades in order to be given a mystery share between the value of £3 and £200.

I deposited £6 and bought shares in Cineworld, Lloyds and Tullow Oil. Including fees of £1 per trade this cost me £5.97. This was a little bit of a speculative one as there was the chance that I would get a low value share and lose money. Worth a punt though.

The mystery share came through and I was so pleased to see it was Flutter Entertainment worth a whopping £139.

I then made a number of referrals which gave me more mystery shares, this time in Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, Boohoo, Avast, 3i and St James Trust all adding to the pot.

Get yourself a free mystery share with Orca.

Total earned £205.10

Invest Engine

Invest Engine still has one of the best offers out there, I wrote about this in my earnings report last month. This month I went on to pick up 3 further referrals, each one netting an additional £25. Unfortunately I no longer have a referral code that will get you the free £75 (they put a cap at 5 referrals) but you can get a link from this Reddit post that will get you the offer.

Total earned £75


I’ve continued to jump in and out of Prolific picking off simple surveys here and there. Sometimes the surveys are kind of interesting. I can’t really see Prolific ever being a big earner but it looks like getting £40 or so a month is doable without too much effort. 

The surveys aren’t as boring as some other survey sites out there. I’ve had to design logos and answer maths challenges as part of Prolific.

Total earned £39


Mode were offering £20 of Bitcoin for signing up and trading £100 of my own money. I signed up, bought some bitcoin and sold it literally minutes later. My account was then credited with £20 which I’ve left in. This tends to be my strategy with crypto, leave the profits in and take my capital out.

This means I’m essentially getting a cryptocurrency portfolio for free, albeit quite a small one.

It looks like the Mode offer has dropped to £10 of free Bitcoin now rather than £20.

Total earned £20

User Testing

I took the test to join User Testing which seems to be the biggest user testing site out there. I passed (I’ve failed the test previously) and have completed a few tests for them now.

I try and make sure that when I’m doing user testing I’m making at least $1/minute, this seems a decent benchmark to choose.

So far I’ve taken three tests, one on mobile and two on desktop. 

User Testing does seem to be incredibly buggy. Particularly when taking mobile tests.

I would also say that I get screened out with User Testing way too often. I’m really not sure that this will be one I use going forwards.

Total earned £35

Cake DeFi

Without doubt the most complex offer I’ve taken to date. This is a cryptocurrency offer but not quite as simple.

In order to get £20 of Cake DeFi’s own coin DFI, I had to transfer $50 of cryptocurrency to Cake DeFi. 

As I have a BitPanda account, I made a deposit there, bought the currency DASH (the fees are low), sent it to Cake, sent it back to BitPanda, converted it back to GBP and withdrew it to my bank. Phew.

In all honesty this was a bit of a painful one and not for newbies to crypto. For my troubles I picked up £20 of DFI which is now staked (as I understand it, this means locked in and earning a crazy amount of interest for 3 months).

If you are interested in taking up this offer of $30 of free crypto, sign up for a Cake account here.

Total earned £20


I’ve now completed a few user tests for Userlytics. So far each one has paid $10 which on balance seems to be a fair price based on the effort that I’ve had to put in. The strange thing with Userlytics is that some tests have taken 20 minutes, and some have taken 2, the price has always been the same though.

I actually enjoy user testing, it’s easy work, usually quite interesting and you’re contributing something useful.

Total earned £14


Numbrs is a money management app that connects to your bank account and makes recommendations on to manage your money better. Every week, they have a payday giveaway where members can win prizes that range from €10,000 to €10.

You need a ticket to enter the draw which you either get by being referred or referring someone else. I used a link and got a ticket which I won €20 from.

Unfortunately Numbrs is a paid app which is way too expensive for what it is. I used a free trial to get my entry but you cannot forget to cancel this one as it’s quite expensive. 

After winning €20 in my first week, I won another ticket in the second week with which I won a further €10 from.

Total earned £25.50 (converted)


A bit like Numbrs but better and cheaper (free), Snoop were offering a £5 Amazon voucher for installing their app, connecting it to a bank and leaving it on for 5 days.

Since installing Snoop I’ve found it to be quite useful so I’m not rushing to uninstall it, I’ll give it a little longer and see what happens. 

I’m not a huge fan of having hundreds of apps though so we’ll see how it goes. 

Since signing up with Snoop I’ve made 5 referrals which are worth a £5 Amazon voucher each, plus I got a £25 bonus for referring 5 people.

You can get a free £5 Amazon voucher with Snoop here.

Total earned £55


Echo pharmacy were offering a £5 Amazon voucher simply for signing up to their mailing list. I took them up on the offer and am waiting on the voucher to come through.

Total earned £5 


Another two earn tasks came through from Coinbase for a whopping £4. If I didn’t already have a Coinbase account I probably wouldn’t have touched it but it’s sat there and it took 2 minutes to get that money.

Total earned £4

Total additional income with all offers combined £721.49

And that’s pretty much it for June. Not a bad total, in the first week or so I was wondering whether I might not even get to £100 this month.

Orca and Freedom24 were the saviours though with £440 coming from mystery share offers.

The combined total that I’ve earned is now £1,258.29 in just 2 months. I’m so pleased with this.

DScout which I thought might be very good for me following last month’s success dropped completely off a cliff. Hardly any tests came through and when they did I was screened out. I’m not really sure what’s happened there, maybe they didn’t like one of my tests. I’ll never know.

Again I’m a little apprehensive about next month, I now have money in a lot of different places and I’m not keen on expanding that much. I really hope I can close off a few offers from last month and make the management of the money a little bit easier.

On the horizon are a lot of crypto offers which I’ve still not really taken advantage of and then the international money transfer offers too. So far I’ve steered clear just out of complexity but I might have to take these seriously in July.

I also have seen a few offers from energy suppliers offering £50 of credit for joining. I need to do a little digging with these offers to see whether it’s realistic to change energy supplier every two months or so as this could be pretty lucrative.