July 2021 Easy Earning Report

Another month of attempting to make some extra money and it’s been pretty decent again. Not quite as much as last month (mainly because I got very busy with work towards the end of the month) but I had a lot of luck with free shares last month.

Total additional income £544.75


  • £125 – Penfold
  • £88.90 – DScout
  • £75 – Tickr
  • £50 – Octopus Energy
  • £47.71 – Orca
  • £45 – Snoop 
  • £25 – M&S Credit Card
  • £22.07 – Prolific
  • £18.02 – Quantfury
  • £11.85 – Freedom24
  • £10 – Luno
  • £9 – Swissborg
  • £7.20 – User Testing
  • £5 – Kestrl
  • £5 – Coinbase


Penfold have a pretty good offer in which if you sign up for a pension and add £25 they’ll throw £25 into the mix themselves. I picked up this offer myself a while back so the £125 that I’ve made this month has come from referrals that I’ve made.

I’ve probably said this before but I really like pension offers. I’m a while away from retirement yet so any money going in should be worth significantly more by the time I can take it out.

Total earned £125


Last month DScout was disappointing but I was chosen to participate in a few tasks this month. It was all just questions that needed video responses. I quite enjoy these, they pay well and they’re not difficult at all. Hopefully this will prove to be a steady earner over the next few months.

Total earned £88.90


Ethical investing platform Tickr is another one that I picked up the initial offer (you put £5 in, they add £15) on a while back now, this month has been all about referrals. Each referral gets you £15 added to your account so I’ve been pretty lucky on this one.

Grab yourself a free £15 from Tickr.

Total earned £75

Octopus Energy

My former energy supplier Igloo hiked their prices this month so I decided to switch. I ran a few comparison and Octopus were among the cheapest suppliers. The good news is that they also had a £50 credit for joining offer which I took advantage of. There’s no exit fee with Octopus so this plays directly in to my plan to keep jumping shop every 3 months with energy suppliers to save £200 from my energy bill.

Total earned £50


Orca has been one of my favourite offers over the past few months. Essentially you download the app, purchase 3 shares (at any cost) and they give you a free mystery share. I was really lucky when I initially did this and picked up a share in Flutter. Since then I’ve picked up a handful of referral mystery shares. None as big as Flutter, or even anywhere near but generally somewhere between £3 and £15 each. 

Get a free mystery share with Orca.

Total earned £44.71


This is another one where I’ve done well from referrals. Download the Snoop app, connect a bank account and leave it connected for 14 days and they’ll give you a £5 Amazon voucher. It’s a decent app so I’ve left it on and picked up a few referrals along the way.  It’s been pretty handy for buying birthday presents for people.

Total earned £45

M&S Credit Card

I spotted an offer from M&S on a credit card that gave you a free £25 when you signed up and spent £100 on the card. I did this and used the card as my main card until I hit the £100 which triggered the £25 credit. Once I’ve spent this I’ll cancel the card. I’m not totally sure I’d do this again as a credit card for £25 is a little OTT but that’s probably a case of horses for courses.

Total earned £25


I’ve not really been on survey site Prolific much this month, just a few times here and there grabbing myself £22. What I like about Prolific is that you can cash out at £5 so it keeps a fairly consistent amount of cash coming in to your bank account.

Total earned £22.07


A mystery crypto offer from Quantfury. I had to put $50 in to trigger a mystery prize which is between $10 and $250 in value. I ended up getting $25 of ETH. Good luck to anyone else going for this one, hopefully you’ll do better than I did. You do have to leave the money in for 90 days on this one.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, use the code PSLIG5FI when signing up.

Total earned £18.02


I got really lucky with this one last month picking up a share worth over $200. I actually thought I’d closed my account as I’d sold my share and made a withdrawal already. There was still some currency left in though. I attempted to make a withdrawal and it went through pretty easily and I didn’t;t seem to get hit with any fees. I’ve since closed my account here.

Total earned £11.85


I’ve seen loads of offers for Luno and finally got around to doing it. I put my money in to trigger the offer, received my free Bitcoin, withdrew my original money and have just left the bitcoin sat there. We’ll see how this one goes, I’m in no rush to withdraw.

If you want to get a free £10 of Bitcoin, you can use my code WHBUZW when you join to trigger the offer.

Total earned £10


Much like Quantfury this was a mystery offer. I had to deposit €50 in order to trigger the mystery prize which was between €1 and €100. I can’t remember exactly what I got in USD but I ended up with around £9. The good thing with this one was I could just withdraw immediately, no need to leave any of it in for any period of time.

Maybe not my best result with a mystery offer but I’ve done very well with them generally since starting.

If you want to go for the mystery prize with Swissborg, here’s my referral link, you’ll need to deposit €50 to get the offer.

Total earned £9

User Testing

I was approved for one test after applying for way too many. There’s no way I’ll return to this one, it’s an absolute joke how many tests you get screened out of on this platform. I would estimate I have to apply for around 100 in order to be selected for a test. Still I got one test and made a whopping £7 from it.

Never again.

Total earned £7.20


Similar to Snoop, Kestrl monitors your bank and keeps you informed of what’s going on and makes suggestions. I didn’t get any money for downloading and installing (like you do with Snoop) but I did pick up a single referral which was paid pretty quickly to my bank account. Maybe I’ll get a few more, I’ll probably keep the app for another month before removing.

Total earned £5


A few more earn tasks appeared on Coinbase this month and I think I may have missed one previously. It’s not large amounts but they are so quick to do, it is literally seconds to get your money with these.

If you haven’t joined Coinbase there’s around £30 to be had in earn tasks which are really simple and you can cash out instantly.

Total earned £5

Total additional income with all offers combined £544.75

Final Thoughts

And that was it for this month. Over £500 which I’m again really happy with, particularly as for the past 10 days or so I’ve been too busy to really pay much attention to new offers and deals.

I’m now classing £500 as the benchmark. It’s the minimum that I want to make per month. I’m now three months in and each month I’ve surpassed £500 so it should be doable.

You can find all my individual earning reports here.

Since starting picking off offers back in May, I’m now at a total of £1,803.04 in just three months.