August 2021 Easy Income Report

How has another month passed already? Well here we are and this month was a little bit lower than previous months but a big part of that was just being way too busy with work to pick off any offers.

I’m still a little concerned that there may not be that many big offers around over the next few weeks but we’ll have to wait and see.

Total additional income £426.93

August Breakdown

  • £118.06 – Orca
  • £100 – PensionBee
  • £72 – DScout
  • £50 – Octopus
  • £45 – Snoop
  • £15 – Tickr
  • £10 – Ziglu
  • £10 – Topcashback
  • £4.87 – Prolific
  • £2 – Coinbase


I’ve mentioned Orca in a few of my previous earning reports, August was fantastic as any new referrals that were made actually gave me three free shares rather than the usual one.

What I found is that most of the free shares I picked up were pretty low in value £2 – £6 generally, the fact that I was getting 3 each time made up for this.

If you are looking to pick up the Orca offer you get a free mystery share for signing up worth up to £200. You have to buy 3 shares yourself which will set you back around £6. I notice in August that quite a few people were coming out with fairly low value shares so be aware that this one might not be a winner for you.

Total earned £118.06


I’ve been deliberating over PensionBee for a while now. I wanted to take advantage of their £50 for transferring a pension offer but I didn’t really have a pension that I wanted to transfer. The two pensions I’ve recently set up to take advantage of offers were Raindrop and Penfold. I like Penfold and aren’t in a rush to move it, Raindrop I don’t really like but I’ve not received my free tax contribution yet so wasn’t wanting to jeopardise that.

I should also point out that I wasn’t even sure if I was eligible for PensionBee’s offer, I actually signed up years back and wasn’t sure if I used a referral link.

In the end I threw £25 of my own money in (I wish I could remember why but I can’t) and it actually triggered the bonus. I don’t know why but I’ll take it. 

On top of that I picked up another referral worth £50.

Total earned £100


DScout is an a kind of user research app that I’ve mentioned a few times before. It can be hit and miss in terms of whether there are any studies to actually take but when there are, they tend to be pretty good and pretty well paid. I had a few in August and they were great.

Total earned £72

Octopus Energy

Last month I joined Octopus energy and picked off their £50 for joining bonus. This month I picked up a referral which grabbed me another £50. 

Joining Octopus was part of my plan to knock £200 off my energy bill which is so far working rather nicely, £100 down and I’ve only been with them a couple of months.

Total earned £50


The final referral before I maxed out my Tickr referrals was hit in August. This was another £15 in the pot.

What I didn’t realise with Tickr is that the money you make from referrals isn’t invested which seems like an odd choice from them. It simply sits in your account until 90 has passed when you can withdraw it.

I’m not sure why Tickr have taken this approach, to me it would make far more sense if they added it to the investment pot to help convince people to continue using Tickr. I’m not the marketing director though.

Total earned £15


More referrals to personal finance app Snoop resulted in another £45 worth of Amazon vouchers which are always well received. 

I seem to spend the Amazon vouchers as fast as I receive them but I guess it’s saving me real money.

To get this offer, sign up and download the app, connect a bank account and leave it on your phone for 14 days and Snoop will send you the voucher by email.

Total earned £45


Little offer from Ziglu was to throw £2 into an account (I bought some Doge) and they would give me £10 into my account. This might be the fastest paying offer I’ve ever received. Only £10 but it was so easy to get this one. 

Oh and my Doge is now worth £2.76 which is an almost 40% gain.

Total earned £10


I was so slack with Prolific in August. I really only use it as sort of a top up to my earnings and when things are pretty quiet at work. As work has been really busy I didn’t spend much time on Prolific at all, in fact that only surveys I took were simply to take me past the £5 threshold so I could withdraw the cash.

Total earned £4.87


One more earn task from Coinbase netted me another £2. I would think I’ve pulled about £40 from Coinbase from earn offers recently, in fact I wrote a post about getting free cryptocurrency right here.

Total earned £2

Total additional income with all offers combined £426.93

Final Thoughts

I’m a little disappointed not to have hit the £500 mark this month but based on the effort that I put in I’m still happy with £426.

You can find all my individual earning reports here.


Since starting picking off offers back in May, I’m now at a total of £2,229.97 in just four months.