Welcome to Easy Money Saving. This site is intended to do exactly what it says on the tin. Provide you with easy money opportunities.

We all need a little extra cash now and again and I’ve recently found that there are offers out there which you can easily take advantage of in order to grab a little profit.

I’ll publish my detailed earnings reports monthly alongside other offers and ideas that I spot along the way. 

For complete disclosure most of the links that feature on this site will be referral links in order to make sure that you’re actually getting the offers. In some cases this also means I will be getting a referral fee as part of the offer.

In an ideal world, we both make some money and everyone is happy. 

I’ll keep a running total of all of the money that I have made which I will also update monthly.

Cumulative easy money total since starting in May 2021 = £2,229.97