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At least once a year I will go through all my direct debits - from insurance payments to council tax. I make a note of how much I'm paying to each one and create a monthly total. I'll then extend this total to an annual total. This can be a little scary.

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Mobile Phones can be a huge drain on your finances particularly if you're on a contract and are always striving for the latest handset. Networks know that you want the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy and they use that to their advantage.

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Everyone could do with a little more money. More money to spend on holidays, more money for a rainy day, more money for whatever you might need it for. That's exactly why I set this website up - to help you save money.

It's amazing what you can do when you have more money. The opportunities that become available and the stress that it takes away.

Hopefully you'll find something useful on this site to help you be a little bit better off.